Maroon Lagoon
© 1997

Adventure awaits you...

The Maroon Lagoon Myth
(Copyright 1997 Norman J. Schoonebeek)

Long, long ago... and far, far away...

There is a place you may have dreamed of once

A place unlike any other

Where neither beast nor plague can roam

Where only happiness is known

Where beauty abounds relentlessly and the music of the birds

glides through the open air fathoms deep into your soul

No disease, no sickness

No war, no hunger

No cold, no pain

Nobody hateful, no one insane

Where only friendly guests walk, where only loving people talk

The warm sun never burns, the insects never bite or sting

Delightful, natural food everywhere to be seen

Succulent juices from the fruits of paradise drip down your chin

Magic herbs of every kind, soothing, cheerful, to help relax your mind

Never an enemy invades or ever is privacy broken

Never an angry word of hate or violence ever spoken

And each day when people wake up in search of the silver spoon

You can find me

on the beach

on the warm sand

in a light breeze

under a swaying palm tree

at the Maroon Lagoon...



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